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It is a cat´s world PDF Skriv ut Epost
Skrevet av Ellen Howley   
Sunday 07. January 2018
Dette diktet er skrevet av medlem av Cats Protection i England 
Håper dere har like stor glede av diktet som jeg har.

It is a Cat´s World

My name is Puss and I am a cat
who is really rather grand.
They bought me for five shillings
from the pet shop close at hand.

They feed me, groom me, spoil me
and sometimes I get teased
and when I am not too busy
I do tricks which make them pleased.

I chase my tail and scare the birds
and fight the car next door
but too much daily effort
can soon become a bore.

I do love treats like fish and cream
they really make me purr
no wonder I am a gorgeous cat
with black and shiny fur.

When winter comes I sleep indoors
upon the fireside rug.
I curl up in a tiny ball
it is very, very snug.

I am glad I a not a human
they have so much to do and see
but they very lucky
to have a pet like me.

Sist oppdatert ( Sunday 07. January 2018 )
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